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With thousands of students flooding in to pursue their dreams to pursue an education in the United Kingdom, there is one commodity that is the most searched and enquired about before their arrival and in few cases after their arrival as well. Which is, the Accommodation Facility, while few students prefer to go for the traditional college halls of residences or third party run hostels, some would want to rent any property within the vicinity of their college along with their friends. This article is aimed at those students who choose the latter option.

Coming far away from their respective home countries, renting out a property in London may seem to be vague and confusing initially. Whether an estate agent is involved or the landlord directly, with these tips at your hand, the transition to your new home can be a hassle-free process.

1) Assured Short-hold Tenancy (AST)

Under the Housing Act of 1988, if you are paying a rent of 250 pounds or over, then you are automatically liable to obtain an agreement which is also known as Assured Shorthold Tenancy. This agreement provides details regarding your rent, benefits of staying in the property, duration of your stay, and lists all the other clauses/rules that both the parties (landlord and tenant) must be aware of. It can act as proof of your residence when you are trying to

- Register yourself in the nearest GP

- Get an account in your local bank

- Inform the gas/electricity/water service providers regarding your tenancy

Moreover, it can also act as your go-to file in case of any legal matters which you may face due to unforeseen events that lead to a dispute with your landlord and vice versa.

2) Gas, Energy Performance Certificates and EICR 

After receiving your AST, you should make sure you receive the Gas Certificate, Energy Performance Certificate, and an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report ) before you could start your stay.

Every household in the UK that possesses any kind of gas appliances must be certified about its safety levels, this is famously called the “Gas Certificate” and it needs to renew every year, which is possible only after an inspection from the gas engineer.

The second important certificate which one needs to catch hold of is the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate), which is valid for a decade. This provides all the information on a property’s energy usage and recommends how else one could minimize it. It is the responsibility of the estate agent or landlord to arrange an EPC.

Last but not least, EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report)  which is valid for five years is a mandatory report which you must possess. The report is used to identify and inform the level of safety each and every electrical appliance provides against shock, fire, and earthing. 

3) Council tax

If you are a group of people or a couple who are renting a property all by yourself, then you should make sure to inform your respective council regarding your tenancy. The council tax is not applicable for students and the sooner you inform the council, the better it is. When you provide your AST along with supporting letters from your respective university, that should act as the authentic proof for your residence at the property.

4) Gas, electricity and water charges

For each property, the gas, electricity, and water service providers can be different. As soon as you move into the property, the readings from the meters (gas and electricity) need to be notified to the respective suppliers, along with the name of the main tenant who is responsible for paying the bill, same applies to the water services as well, but no meter reading is necessary here. To avoid paying extra for the energy used by the previous tenant, it is mandatory to mention the exact readings as soon as possible.

5) Point of contact

Despite making sure all of the above factors are checked, it is possible to face new problems which cannot be solved by a simple Google search or emergency call lines, say for an example a broken tap or malfunctioning chimney needs to have the service provided by a specialized expert rather than yourself. Thus it is important to make sure you are aware of the estate agent or landlord’s number in case of any difficulties. The best solution to avoid any such problems is to check before-hand if the property has all the amenities in a functioning state.

At Inside Homes UK nearly 20% of our clientele are students and we have loved being of service to them in a professional and friendly way. Be it finding the ideal property for you or servicing it when required, we keep our customers in the center of everything we do and make sure to help create the ideal home for you. 


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